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We ARE doing this… with you!  We will build The Willow House in Martin County, FL.

How can you help?  Here are a few ways…

  • Spread the word
  • Share our content
  • Volunteer at our events
  • Help us find donors
  • Visit our page & share.

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Broken Crayons Still Color


The Willow House recognizes the amazing potential of at-risk girls. A broken crayon, not at its best potential, can still create unimaginable beauty. Please help us create a home where these girls will learn that even broken, they are vibrant, made with purpose and can still color the world a beautiful place.

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How important is hope to you? Is it what keeps you going through the many challenges of life? Most would undoubtedly say yes. Hope is powerful because it not only gives us purpose, it drives us, inspires us and motivates us to do more.

All of us can recall a time in our life when we seemed to be void of it. Those are the times that we would love to forget. Although it’s inevitable that every one of us will face serious challenges – to our health, to our prosperity, to our sense of wellbeing, it’s essential that we choose hope over fear.

We believe at The Willow House that hope should stay alive as long as we are breathing. And, the more we exercise hope today, the better equipped we’ll be to survive and thrive in our darkest moments.

So, how do we keep this hope alive? We believe meditating on God’s word is a great place to start. The book of Romans is one that is filled with some of the greatest verses in the Bible. And, when it comes to the topic of hope, it provides many verses that can inspire you.

Through his word, God can fill your heart with hope every day and we want to do the same for the girls at The Willow House. We want them to know that whatever their circumstances are, there is always hope for the future.

For some of these girls, becoming hopeful won’t be easy and it won’t be quick. However, with continual love, prayer and most importantly words of encouragement, we believe that their lives will transform for the better. Nothing gives people hope like a dose of encouraging words delivered from the heart!

But that’s not all we want to give our girls. We also want to make them feel accepted, appreciated and protected. It is our “hope” that you too will help us in our efforts. Your participation is vital as we try and build ‘A Safe Place For Girls’. Click HERE to support us today! No gift is too small!

The Willow House Team

Faith Based Non-profit, Residential Home for Girls, Specialized Therapeutic Residential Care, Treasure Coast Non-Profit

Self Worth Matters

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Influences have shaped us all, good, bad, healthy or not.

The teen years are exceedingly hard even with healthy models in our life.

The Willow House wants to help young girls lacking healthy modeling understand they are gifted, unique and ENOUGH just the way they are!  Do you remember a time when you felt like you weren’t enough?  It’s a lonely place, an ugly place, a deceitful place that isn’t deserving!

Help us in our mission to show young girls ‘they are enough’!

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