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Willow NEWS!

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So many of you have blessed us with your interest in the mission of The Willow House.

The Willow House WELCOMES you!  Teen girls struggling isn’t new but our support in Hobe Sound is!

Did you know we have an upcoming race in Hobe Sound, October 10th 7a.m.?

Come… walk or run.  Oh, and ask a friend.

It’s good for you, good for Willow and for girls in our area that need someone to be there.

Not interested in your cardiovascular health – fine.  Donate $5 – $10 – $20 bucks here >Any amount will help.

If you know someone who owns a business & you think they would want to support us, mention us.  Or, if you own a business and want to support us, please reach out.

Lastly, if financially you cannot help, then please like us on Facebook and share us with your friends.

Support looks different to everyone and we welcome all of it…we welcome you.  You are the reason we are gaining momentum to provide a ‘Safe Place For Girls‘. You are helping to spread the word and for that we are ever so grateful!

501c3 Founded in Christ.

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Stand With Us

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We ARE doing this… with you!  We will build The Willow House in Martin County, FL.

How can you help?  Here are a few ways…

  • Spread the word
  • Share our content
  • Volunteer at our events
  • Help us find donors
  • Visit our page & share.

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Faith Based Non-profit, Residential Home for Girls, Social Services Martin County FL, Specialized Therapeutic Residential Care, Treasure Coast Non-Profit

The Visionary Behind The Willow House Vision

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Each of us possess unique gifts and talents as well as habits, hurts and hang-ups. Often our most profound lessons come from the hurts and hang-ups experienced along our life’s path. From these we choose. We choose to grow or we choose to be the victim. When hurts and hang-ups are a result of childhood circumstances outside the control of youth, the effects can be devastating.

Children that have been exposed to volatile home environments start life with a crumbling foundation. The fact of the matter is life is hard and just because a woman decides to bring a child into the world, doesn’t mean she is equipped to be a strong role model.  Some people do not possesses the tools necessary to raise a healthy child and far to many home environments are toxic, perhaps one the mother has no control over. Brokenness begets brokenness, it’s a cycle but it doesn’t have to be so. Victims can choose recovery!

Stories of redemption and healing are vast. The Willow House’s very own Board of Directors have story after story of how they themselves or someone close to them triumphed over adverse odds. From broken homes to broken parents to toxic choices, they all share one commonality: acceptance, redemption and healing. For them, it’s on going, growth always is a progression, a choice to always be learning, growing, and changing.

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The vision behind The Willow House was a personal one for the Executive Director, Nicole King. Nicole came from a supposedly well-adjusted home from the eyes of the world. Her father, a physician and her mother, at the time, a ‘stay-at-home’ mom. When Nicole was twelve, her world turned upside down. Her parents divorced and her life changed drastically. As Daddy’s little girl, Nicole felt as though her identity had been ripped from her in an instant. The remaining adolescent years were tumultuous and reckless. Nicole had identified ways to fill her ‘heart shaped box’ within her soul with drugs, sex and a co-dependency that knew no boundaries, at least until she found the Lord at the age of twenty-six.

Nicole was in her second year of Graduate School when God’s grip reached her and forever changed her heart. Accepting God’s unconditional love after years of longing for it from the broken relationship of her parents resulted in a transformation that can’t be fully explained in words. So her actions shall speak for her. God has filled her heart with a desire to establish The Willow House, A Safe Place for Girls.  Please help support THIS mission!

Nicole King comes to The Willow House with a Master’s in Family and Child Sciences from FL State University. She has been in the health and human services field for over 20 years. For the past 10 years she has been and currently is operating a local non-profit. 


Broken Crayons Still Color


The Willow House recognizes the amazing potential of at-risk girls. A broken crayon, not at its best potential, can still create unimaginable beauty. Please help us create a home where these girls will learn that even broken, they are vibrant, made with purpose and can still color the world a beautiful place.

Social Services Martin County FL

The Willow House, A Safe Place for Girls


The Willow House, Inc. is on mission to provide a Christian based, ‘Safe Place For Girls’. These are girls that otherwise wouldn’t have an option, a refuge, a safe place in Martin County, FL. Think of an unstable time when uncertainty, fear and vulnerability were reality. If you can’t recall one, then you are blessed, if you can, then you understand the need and our quest.

All worthy life missions are motivated somewhere in between love and selflessness. Living an earnest life occurs by embracing talents and selflessly sharing them for the benefit of others. Personal endowments come in kaleidoscope fashion. Some are uniquely innate, while other are acquired through learning, experiences and determination. Learning, as a result of someone on the other side who understood this truth. Can you think of an individual(s) that invested in you that made all the difference in your life? Investing in relationships is all there is, for what would this life be to possess all the riches while living in solitude?

Young broken girls become broken spouses and broken mothers, not necessarily in that order. The solution is to provide a better system of modeling healthy relationships and educate these girls on intelligent decision-making that results in better outcomes holistically. Society is the beneficiary. The Willow House wants to facilitate an environment of prevention and healing first, followed by intervention as a secondary focus. The Willow House will be focused on girls age 10 through 18 with a mission to establish residential dorms separated by age group as well as by severity of abuse if necessary.

Please join us and support our mission to provide ‘A Safe Place For Girls’. Support comes in a variety of means, you could start by ‘Liking’ us to help with awareness.  Help us heal the hurting.


The Willow House is a dream that is slowly becoming a reality. Believing in the vision and overall goal of establishing a home for at risk girls. Approval has been attained through the State of Florida for The Willow House operation as a non-profit 501 C3. The founder and the board of directors of The Willow House understand the specific needs of the many young girls due to a variety of personal experiences. Their goal is to provide a safe place that fosters healing that ultimately helps to break the cycle of abuse.

The Florida Council Against Sexual Violence, (FCASV) states that multiple studies and research over the past twenty years continue to confirm that childhood sexual abuse puts children at significant risk for a wide range of medical, psychological, behavioral, and sexual disorders that can persist into and throughout adulthood. (2014, Fact Sheet: Sexual Assault Statistics) There are many girls in need in Martin and the surrounding counties. The abused are in need of a safe environment that offers encouragement and models and teaches a healthy foundation. The Willow House wants to meet their needs in a safe, loving, healthy environment.

The Willow House will be a faith-based, residential program for young girls who have been victims of their circumstances. Our emphasis will be to build their self-esteem and ultimately make them believe and truly understand that they are worthy in the eyes of our Creator.